Podręcznik użytkownika i instalacji Cables To Go Knv2108d

Podręcznik użytkownika i instalacji Cables To Go Knv2108d jest zaprojektowany, aby pomóc użytkownikom w instalacji, używaniu i konfigurowaniu tego produktu. Podręcznik zawiera szczegółowe informacje na temat instalacji i konfiguracji, a także wskazówki dotyczące bezpiecznego używania i konserwacji produktu. Podręcznik zawiera również informacje na temat wszystkich funkcji i opcji dostępnych w produkcie, a także instrukcje dotyczące używania. Podręcznik powinien być przeczytany przez każdego użytkownika przed rozpoczęciem używania produktu.

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Table of Contents
------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ Intr Intr Intr Introduction oduction oduction oduction

■ ■ ■ ■ Introduction
Overview…………………………………….. …………. …………1

Features……………………………………….. …. ……………. …3 One-Console KVM Switches

Configurations…………………. ……………….. ………………... 4
The KVM Switch allows you to access multiple computers from one
■ ■ Installation
■ ■
keyboard, mouse and monitor. There

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Automatic Mouse Conversion Features The KVM Switch enables you to connect computers with PS/2 or Supports both PS/2 and serial mouse serial mouse ports (using adapters supplied with each KVM Switch) Cascade configuration expands system capability and control the computers from one PS/2 mouse. The KVM Switch Auto-scan automatically selects computers sequentially automatically identifies the mouse and adapts proper mouse Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse (Pro

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Configurations Cascade (Master/Slave) Configuration The KVM Switch has several models each supporting a different You can connect a second level of one or more KVM Switches to “PC number of computers. For applications with a large number of 1”~”PC 4” (KNV104) or "PC 1"~”PC 8” ports (KNV108 & KNV116D) of computers, KVM Switches can be cascaded in a master/slave a Master unit. Cascade configuration expands system ability configuration to support even more computers. allowing you t
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------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ In In In Installa stalla stalla stallation tion tion tion Device Connection The monitor connected to the HD-DB-15 VGA port of a Master CONSOLE must be multisync capable of synchronizing with the computer's video signal. If you are uncertain about the monitor type, please consult the monitor user's manual. Connect a PS/2 mouse and a keyboard to the CONSOLE port marked with
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Determine the port address of each computer. For computers using PS/2 mouse, connect the computer's mouse and keyboard cables to Initial Power-Up the KVM Switch connectors marked with a mouse and keyboard respectively, as shown in figure 4. Make sure all computers and KVM Switches are powered down during installation. You must power up the Master KVM Switch before turning on any other devices. For single KVM Switch: 1) Apply a power adapter to the Master. 2) Turn on com
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Figure 7 shows how to assemble rack cable support then screw it to Optional Rack Mount Accessories the back and inside the rack cabinet vertical post. Figure 6 shows how to attach optional mounting brackets to the KVM Switch unit for standard 19-inch rack cabinet. Figure 6: Attaching rack mount bracket Figure 7: Assembling rack cable support Then, keyboard/mouse/monitor cables can be routed over the cable support. You can use plastic cable ties to bundle and label t
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Multimedia Module ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ Oper Oper Oper Opera a a at t t tion ion ion ion An optional multimedia A/V module (MAV108) is used to select Front Panel Push Buttons microphone, speaker and monitor signals from one out of eight or 16 computers. The A/V module is connected to the LINK port on the You may select a computer by pressing the front panel push button rear panel via an mini-DIN-
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OSD (On-Screen-Display) Operation red, same as the front indicator, to the right of the OSD title 'KVM KNV104D, KNV108D, KNV116D, KNV2108D, KNV2116D MENU'. The color of a device name is green if it has power and is ready for selection (its corresponding front panel indicator is green), or the color is white as it has no power. OSD menu updates the color when it is activated. Use the and arrow keys to highlight a computer and the key to select it. Or, you

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off. If Scan Type is 'Ready PC + ', only the power-on and eye mark selected computers will be displayed sequentially in Auto Scan Scan mode. In this mode, the KVM Switch automatically switches from one power-on computer to the next sequentially in a fixed Function key : To lock a device (a computer or a Slave) interval. During Auto Scan mode, the OSD displays the from unauthorized access, use Security. Security is effective name of the selected computer. When Aut

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computers. The non-volatile memory stores the Scan Type setting. UL as Upper Left, UR as Upper Right, LL as Lower Left, LR as Lower Right. Scan Rate MI as MIddle, Sets the duration of a computer displayed in Auto Scan mode. The options are 3 seconds, 8 seconds, 15 ESC: To exit the OSD, press the key. seconds and 30 seconds. The non-volatile memory stores the Scan Rate setting. Keyboard Speed The KVM Switch offers keyboard typematic setting that ov

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Hot-key commands suspends the scanning till activity stops; it then resumes with the next computer in sequence. The length of the Auto Scan interval Hot-key command is a short keyboard sequence to select a computer, (Scan Rate) is adjustable, see below. To abort the Auto Scan to activate computer scan, etc. The KVM Switch interprets mode, press the left Ctrl key twice. keystrokes for hot-keys all the time. A hot-key sequence starts with Note: For OSD models, Scan Type d
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--------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- Cascade Configur Cascade Configur Cascade Configur Cascade Configura a a at t t tion ion ion ion Connection Before connecting a device (a computer or a Slave) to the Master under power, you must turn off the device. The Master must have equal or more 'PC x' ports than that of the Slave, i. e., if KNV108 is the master, KNV108 and KNV104 can be Slaves, but KNV116D can not. The ports labeled "PC 1"~”PC 8” can b
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For OSD model: ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------Multi-access KVM Switch After connection completes, you should re-activate the KNV2108D & KNV2116D OSD menu to check if the Master recognizes the Slaves. A triangle mark () is placed to the right of Overview the port name indicating the port is connected to a Slave not a computer. A number to the left of the The advanced multi-access KNV2108D and KNV211
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Operation ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ A A A Appendices ppendices ppendices ppendices On power up, the KNV2108D and KNV2116D are in Idle mode Specifications: broadcasting VGA signal from the selected computer and detecting for keyboard and mouse activity. User LEDs (marked with reverse Specifications KNV104 KNV108 KNV116D KNV2108D KNV2116D white A and B) are both red indicating the KVM Switch is not
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Troubleshooting: Double OSD. Improper slave. Press push buttons 1 and 2 Ensure that all cables are well seated. Check that keyboard/mouse images at connection procedure. down for 2 seconds to activate cascade K/M RESET. cables are not swapped. Label and bundle the cables for each configuration. Remove any possible power computer to avoid confusion when connected to the KVM Switch. supply to the Slave (unplug all cables), before connecting it to the Master. OSD menu is
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Limited Warranty IN NO EVENT SHALL THE DIRECT VENDOR'S LIABILITY FOR DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSS OF PROFIT, LOSS OF BUSINESS, OR FINANCIAL LOSS WHICH MAY BE CAUSED BY THE USE OF THE PRODUCT EXCEEDS THE PRICE PAID FOR THE PDOCUDT., The direct vendor makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied with respect to the contents or use of this documentation, and especially disclaims its quality, performance, me



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