General Provisions

1. The owner of the shop (hereinafter Store) is PM Broker Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Seller), located in Łódź, Poland, 91-174, ul. Romanowska 55H, lok.49, KRS 0000595201, NIP 9471986206, REGON: 363391752.

2. Placing an order in the store constitutes acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations.

3. Shop fulfills orders within the European Union.

4. Orders can be placed around the clock, every day of the week, all year round, on the Store website.

5. Shopping in the store can make the businesses and individuals.

6. The order must contain all necessary data to the client. These data must be true. Order will not be accepted for implementation in the case of placing data in the form of incomplete, inaccurate or untrue.

7. A natural person placing an order must be over 18 years and have full legal capacity. In the case of minors, consent is required parent or guardian.

8. Filling the Customer order form is tantamount to consent to storage and processing of input data for the purposes of the contract. These data are confidential, protected and will not be disclosed to third parties. You are responsible for providing false personal information. The customer has the right to view your personal data and to correct them, and to remove them from the database. (Law on Personal Data Protection dated. 29.08.1997., OJ No. 133, item 883).

9. Shop Offer is not a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

10. Prices of goods on offer Shop are expressed in Polish zloty and are exempted from VAT tax. Prices do not include shipping costs.

11. The customer receives a receipt with the merchandise, or to request an invoice.

Implementation of orders

1. Order adopted for the implementation is confirmed by e-mail to the address specified in the order.

2. Your order will be sent to the customer after order confirmation.

3. Seller reserves the right to additional verification telephone order placed by the Customer.

4. Terms of orders are ranging from 1 to 5 working days from the moment the order is transfered to the courier. In the absence of the contract within the specified time, the Customer will be informed and decide on what action (waiting time or cancel the whole order).

5. In the absence of the ordered article, which is marked as "available", the Customer will be informed of the status of your order and decide on the manner of its implementation (partial completion, waiting time, cancel the whole order).

6. Ordered products are shipped by UPS courier or  Paczkomaty InPost service at the address indicated in the order form. Delivery time is usually from 1 to 2 working days for the courier company or from 2 to 5 working days in the case of Paczkomaty InPost service.

7. Ordered goods are delivered at the expense of the customer. The fee depends on the content of the contract, the selected supplier  and the method of payment. The fee is listed on the order form and shipping concerns only Polish territory. The cost of shipping abroad is calculated individually for each order.

8. The fee for the ordered goods the customer pays by prepayment to Seller's bank account or via electronic payment systems. The payments are excluded from receiving shipment outside Polish territory. Failure to submit payment within 14 days from the date the order is tantamount to abandonment of the contract.

9. Consigned items are protected by the Seller against mechanical damage during transport. At the time the buyer should check the delivery status if you notice damage and draw up a protocol in the presence of the person providing the shipment and contact with Seller.

10. If you purchase goods, which occurs in different patterns or colors, the Buyer shall notify Seller of its choice when ordering or immediately after submission. Lack of information from the Buyer agree to send goods to any pattern or color available in the offer.

Returns and Complaints

1. According to the Act of May 30, 2014 (Dz.U. of 2014, June 24, pos. 827, as amended), Buyer may cancel the contract concluded away from business premises. The seller in the store can withdraw from the contract within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery. In order to return the goods is required to contact the Seller.

2. In case of withdrawal Client delivers the goods at his own expense to the Seller. Goods may not have damage, visible signs of use and should be complete. For shipment must be accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase, a statement signed by the customer to withdraw from the contract and give way to a refund and all necessary for that data (such as bank account number to which an asset to be transferred). Return the sum of the contract (commodity prices and shipping costs to the Buyer) will take place within 14 days of delivery to the Seller.

3. When making a complaint because of manufacturing defects, the lack of conformity or damage during transport, the condition of considering the complaint is to provide goods to the Seller with the attached description of the defect and a copy of proof of purchase or warranty card, if issued.

4. Complaints are dealt with within 14 days of receipt of Seller's shipment of the goods.

5. Each complaint will be considered individually.

6. In the case of a justified complaint, defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced by another, full blown, and if it is impossible (for example due to exhaustion of goods), the Seller will pay the buyer the equivalent price of the product or offer other goods available in the store to choose from. The complaint should contain a description of the defects of the goods and the date of creation of defects.

Final Provisions

1. Seller allows for a different legal regulation of relations between the Parties to any contract of sale subject to the prior consent of the Customer.

2. Seller reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer. Price change does not apply to orders accepted for execution. Seller also reserves the right to withdraw from the offer of individual goods, introducing new products to offer and to conduct and dismissal of all kinds of promotions and sales.

3. These regulations take effect on 4.1.2016.

4. Seller reserves the right to change these regulations. Information on the proposed amendments to the regulations will be sent to registered customers at the given e-mail addresses with 14-days in advance. Any amendments to the regulations in force from the date of publication on page Orders placed prior to the amendment of these Rules shall be implemented pursuant to the provisions applicable on the date of the contract.

5. In matters not covered in these Rules shall apply the provisions of the Civil Code.


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